ocean pollution
ocean pollution

What is Ocean pollution

Injecting or Ingesting any harmful foreign object into the ocean is called ocean pollution.

Ocean pollution mostly occurs when the harmful substance like agricultural waste, municipal waste, industrial waste, Noise, and residential waste mix up with the oceans.
In a broad sense, ocean pollution is defined as the entry of a harmful substance in the ocean’s water which produces some harmful effects.
Ocean pollution mostly occurs from the non-point sources such as Agricultural runoff, Dust and plant debris mix up with the ocean’s water due to windblown, plastic, chemicals and industrial wastes, nutrients which come from food chain etc.
When these substances take entry to the ocean some of these absorbed rapidly which can produce harmful effects to the ocean life.
 they can produce mutation and some hazardous conditions which will defiantly affect human as well as ocean’s creatures.

ocean pollution solutions
ocean pollution

                                  Ocean Pollution Solutions

As we know the ocean is the most precious source of water gifted from the nature we must take care of our oceans.
Long ago oceans were safe and clean, unfortunately, now a day’s oceans are treated by the pollution by the unusual activities of humans.
Marine life is dying the ocean’s creatures start vanishing due to the presence of harmful substances like plastic, chemicals, plants debris, agricultural and industrial wastes etc.
According to the survey, Ocean pollution affects more than 817 animal species around the world.

The major source of oceans pollution is plastic because plastic cant melts or absorb rapidly.
It can stick at the throat of oceans creatures as well as birds.
Also according to ocean unite 8 million tons of plastic dumb into the oceans every year.
If this activity will continue by 2050 than defiantly our oceans contain more plastic, then fishes and other creatures.
we turn over beautiful and mysterious oceans into plastic soap, defiantly we are responsible for that we should take an action before it is too late.

Here are the prevention techniques or Ocean pollution solutions

1. Reduce the Use of Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics are those type of plastic which can be used the single time there is the no of single-use plastics like plastic bags, water bottles, straws, disposal cups, dry cleaning bags, disposal glasses etc.
          We should reduce the use of single-use plastic because it is very difficult to
          Dump and if we use these types of plastic we should make a container for
          Preserve these single-use plastics.
          The best way to do this is by:

  1. Don’t buy those single-use plastics which you don’t need Such as plastic bags, straws, containers etc.
  2. You can use those type of plastics which can be utilized again and again such as reusable grocery bags, produce bags, reusable bottles, reusable Coffee Cups and plastic glass.
  3. All of the above items can be reused.

It is one of the low effort ocean pollution solutions.

2. Recycle the used plastic properly

When you use single-use plastic and other types of plastics which can be recycled.
Try to recycle them properly because the recycling process reduces the oceans pollution about 30-40%.
According to the Survey, just 9% of plastic recycled worldwide.
Recycling helps keep plastic out of the oceans and also resist the entry of new plastic to the ocean.
Try to find a local plastic recycling center where waste plastic can be recycled and give them whole plastic waste for the recycling process.

ocean pollution Solution
ocean pollution Solution

3. Participate in Beach or River Cleanup Organizations.

You must participate in different activities where a team of peoples gives efforts to remove the plastic from the oceans.
Many organizations like Blue Oceans, Green peace, Oceana etc. take care of the oceans with teamwork you can participate with them.
Try to participate in a different event like international coastal cleanup where you can collect the plastic from the local oceans with a team.

ocean pollution Solution
ocean pollution Solution

4. Support the ban system

The government should ban the use of single-use plastic which will be dangerous for oceans life.
You can adopt such policies in your communities so that the oceans life keeps protect from those hazardous plastics.

Support the system before ocean pollution gets out the hand.

5. Care Your local streams

If you live near a stream that’s great because a stream is the beautiful source of nature.
As the streams find their way to the oceans, you must care about them because if the stream contains some harmful constituents like chemicals, plastics, plant debris, waste food etc. it will defiantly produce negative effects to the ocean life.
We can care about our local stream by several methods like clean up the streams, planting trees near to the oceans and by removing each source which can produce pollution to the stream.

6. Reduce your Rubbish

Honestly speaking rubbish is the biggest source of oceans pollutions
Recent studies show that over 80% of marine pollutions come from land.
In order to reduce the amount of rubbish, we should adopt the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) technique which will help to reduce the bulk amount of land pollution.
Also, land pollution can be utilized for producing biogas through the landfilling process.

7. Use Renewable Resources

According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
we must use renewable resources like Solar energy, Wind Energy in order to reduce off-shore Drillings.
Renewable resources maintain the temperature of the ocean so, that marine life will be secure while non-renewable resource like fossil fuels increase the temperature of the ocean in the form of global warming.
Also, fossil fuels are responsible for Acid rain which is also harmful to oceans life,

Use solar and wind for independent power sources before thinking of using oil generator.
In order to maintain oceans life, we have to switch from non-renewable resource to renewable resources.

8. Construct wastewater treatment plants in your Industries

Construct wastewater treatment plants which will clean wastewater of industries which contain harmful substance like chemicals, metals, pesticide and other micro-organisms.
Most of the industries discharge wastewater directly to the ocean which is very harmful to our oceans.
The government should take an action to those industries which don’t have wastewater treatment plants because various forms of pollution come from industries such as chemical, biological and some metals etc.

9. Buy Oceans friendly products

You must avoid buying those products which will be harmful to aquatic life such as cosmetics products which containing shark squalene and jewelry made of coral or sea turtle shell.
These products are responsible to produce hazardous condition for oceans creatures.

10. Avoid using an excess amount of fertilizer

Now a day’s fertilizers play a very important role in the field of agricultural, however, the excess use of fertilizers can produce serious effects on our oceans because of these fertilizers run-off to the oceans through streams.
The excess amount of fertilizer produces an excess number of algae which will reduce the amount of oxygen from our oceans ultimately marine life will face deaths due to deficiency of oxygen this process is known as ‘Eutrophication’.
Presently eutrophication has created at least 405 “dead zones” throughout the world.

11. Avoid products containing “Microbeads”

Microbeads are the small particles of plastics which mainly found in Face scrubs, toothpaste, and body washers.
According to a survey these microbeads are widely found in the oceans due to excess use of these products.
When marine creatures eat these microbeads, they will produce a negative impact on the health of those creatures.

12. Try to Reduce the Noise Pollution in oceans

According to IFAW (international funds for animal’s welfare), Noise pollution is the major cause for the death of different marine creatures like Whalefish, dolphin fish etc.
There are there main sources of ocean noise pollution defined as bellow.

Support the hashtag ocean pollution solutions system.

1.Ship Noise

Large ships which carry international cargo, supertankers and cruise ships are constantly in the motion conditions and produce noise pollution from their engines bearing and generators.
The problem with this noise is that these ships operate at same ranges of frequency as marine creature use for communication.
This will create a critical condition for those marine creatures like whalefish, shark fish, dolphin etc.
To communicate with each other
Also, marine creatures face difficulties to find food in result they will die in hunger.

Spread the message about this situation before it gets out of hand.

2.Noise from off-shore drilling and from mining and milling processes

Oil, gas, and coal exploration process produces a high amount of noise within the oceans they will also harmful to the aquatic species.
In order to reduce this type of noise, we should adopt new equipment’s which will work silently as compared to high noisy equipment’s.



As we know that oceans are a great source of water and food gifted from nature we should take care of our oceans so that we can drink safe water and eat healthy food.

As we are the ocean Pollution, we are the ocean pollution solutions as well.
Marine creatures are also, important for our environment as well as for humans according to a research whalefishes are the main source to clean our oceans because whale fish eat small micro-organisms which produce pollution within the ocean.
In my opinion, we should adopt some oceans friendly habits in daily life so, that our marine life should prevent these pollutions.

Here are the habits which every individual should adopt in daily life

Ocean Pollution Solutions

  • Reuse plastic if it is possible. Don’t use plastic materials like straw, lids, plastic cups and plastic containers. Carry your own utensils which should be made of wood are any other materials.
  • Avoid using plastic utensils.
  • Visit your nearest restaurants and give them the advice to don’t use plastic.
  • And give them an alternative which will be beneficial for them. Advise them to use ceramic coffee cups instead of using plastic cups.
  • Use reusable coffee mugs, containers, bottles etc.
  • Tell your nearest supermarket to avoid excessive plastic objects.
  • Make a garment bag for your vegetables and fruits whenever you go for buying some vegetables and fruit use that bag instead of using plastic bags.
  • Use that bag for a whole month before replacing it.
  • Avoid such products which are wrapped in an excess amount of plastic.
  • Also, you can take an action for those companies which use an excess amount of plastic for wrapping products.
  • Replace your plastic items of home with alternatives which are less harmful.
  • Whenever you see plastic in nature, collect it and give it to your nearest plastic recycling company.
  • Promote awareness of oceans pollution with your friends and family share this website with them so that they can take an action about this harmful pollution.
  • Promote them by rallies or social awareness walk.
  • Share videos and photos about oceans pollution on your social media.