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30 Spectacular Ways to Prevent Earth Pollution That is Destroying Our Planet Earth

The measures can be as simple as reusing a product as many times as possible to reduce overall waste that goes into the environment. Other measures can include recycling, proper disposal of wastes, proper farming practices, and use of renewable energy sources. Here are 30 spectacular ways to prevent earth pollution.

Reducing Waste: Introducing Garbage Collection to Blockchain Technology

Perhaps the greatest issue facing the waste management industry is that there is simply so much waste to handle. Worldwide, solid waste generation is projected to increase by 70 percent between 2010 and 2025. As the volume of waste grows, so does the difficulty of finding a place to put it all without polluting.

Argentine province to reward environmental care with crypto

The Misiones cryptocurrency is a new blockchain-based project that aims to encourage recycling by introducing cryptocurrency incentives in Argentina The Misiones cryptocurrency in Argentina, called JellyCoin, is a new blockchain-based token backed by the local government and will be used to reward citizens who separate waste. The Argentine province of Misiones is planning to use […]

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