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These Three Plastic Recycling Myths Will Blow Your Mind

The fantasy that the plastic we trustingly put in the recycle bin actually gets recycled and re-used again is just that, a fantasy. Discarded plastic containers that won’t be[+]CREDIT: LAURA FAYE TENENBAUM Most likely, when you toss your plastic trash into a recycle bin you believe you’re doing the right thing. You think your plastic […]

Here are the companies that are the world’s top plastic polluters

“Real solutions must change systems and power structures.” Welcome To The Resistance… You will start receiving NationofChange to your inbox shortly. Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and PepsiCo are the world’s top polluters, says a new report from environmental coalition Break Free From Plastic. Thousands of volunteers from all over the world took part in a massive global […]

Is a substitute for plastic coming anytime soon?

For most of us, hearing the world plastic makes us think of single-use plastics like plastic bags or disposable plastic water bottles, but plastic covers a much wider variety of materials than that. Key points Plastics are versatile, flexible, durable and cheap These benefits become problems when we are trying to dispose of them Dealing […]

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