The worst, Most Dangerous, Most Polluting, Most Threatening Condition On Earth.

Half of the world’s population 3.5 billion people are effected by society’s waste and 1 to 2 percent of that population lives on landfills with almost half of those children.

There are millions of waste pickers and “Children of the landfill”. Some families of the landfill are generations deep. The children have no birth certificate, no official identification therefore no entry into “normal” society, therefore, no education and no medical care.

For the purpose of this project, successfully removing a child from a city dump, starts with the child’s education and nutrition and only ends when the entire community reaches financial independence. This is a complete and total process of taming the landfill. Without reaching this goal, charity and dependence on others never ends.

The implementation of the GreenFire plan and processes through the “Children of the Landfill” project is required for the human environment that works and survives on the landfills of the world. GreenFire is the only company in the world that is willing to establish an entrepreneurial humanitarian project using our patented technology for the Children of the Landfill project.

The GreenFire Landfill Village, the GreenFire 3D Manufacturing and the GreenFire Commerce providing support and services to these landfills will transform them into safe working globally recognized and respected communities and enterprises. That is the GreenFire mission.

Our plan begins with a pilot project in Puerto Rico. PR has major problems from Hurricane Maria that are left undone because of their economic conditions; landfills, low cost housing and electricity and employment. GreenFire directly improves all of these through implementation of the GreenFire Village.

The first manufacturing project for every Landfill Village Factory is shoes and boots for the children.

This is where we are, the great entrepreneurs are dreaming and working to take man to space, to Mars to create villages for mankind to move into off the Earth. These men of vision see, then do great things while not being able to see what is happening below their feet. The planet is “Wasting Away”.

Sometimes I worry that Earth may be left as the solar system’s dumpsite.

Wall-E Garbage Commercial

2 clips of the movie brought together to exemplify the possible future of the Earth if we don’t change our ways thanks to Disney Films for creating Wall-E . I own NONE of this material.


A GreenFire DAO ICO crowd funding campaign is planned to be put into action. This is literally a gold backed project.

The GreenFire objective is to approach these Landfill projects self-funded and work through and with the great international organizations already spearheading processes and projects for the Women and Children of the Landfill.

The next section demonstrates what happens when opportunity and humanity meet.