Landfills and Landfill Mining
GreenFire Engineered Reclamation Is a Landfill Mining Company

I am a careful person and a “suspicious observer” of man and his habits. While observing my own habits, I discovered that I am a wasteful person. I live a wasteful lifestyle and mostly I live that wasteful lifestyle unconsciously. Wastefulness is “normal” if you are a consumer.

The discovery of my “wastefulness”, inspired further research and an expanding discovery of the global state of material waste and how we deal with it.

All of this led to the founding a new company, an engineering company, a reclamation company, not only a reclamation company but a “landfill Miningand Reclamation company.

We reclaim the raw and useful materials from what has been rejected and trashed and convert that for useful and valuable purposes. We are landfill miners. We are environmentalists. We are care givers and humanitarians.

GreenFire is a passionate multi disciplinary professional organization specializing in carefully engineered waste Remediation and Reclamation.

We could be considered a high tech company with the innovations we are working with but a better term would be an all tech company. GreenFire carefully choses the best technology to use for any given application based on properly engineered and tested processes. Every project is a little different. This is why GreenFire is made up of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and academic experts.

We pride ourselves on our ability as a collective group to integrate all technologies, GreenFire’s as well as third party technologies to build the best possible solution for the landfill and the local community.

GreenFire technologies and those of its partners represents the next step beyond the practice of disposing of waste by burning, ignoring it or hauling to the landfill.

GreenFire is a Resource recovery company, our mission is the retrieval of recyclable waste for a specific next use. It is the processing of material waste to extract or recover materials and resources, or convert to energy. This process is carried out at a GreenFire resource recovery facility at the landfill.

Resource recovery is not only important to the environment, but it can be cost effective by decreasing the amount of waste sent to the disposal stream, reduce the amount of space needed for landfills, and protect limited natural resources.

Our mission is to complete the Triangle of Garbage; raw materials into commodities, commodities into garbage, garbage into raw materials.

GreenFire is the natural normal progression of waste management, recovery, we are the final disposition of waste.