Open Dump Sites Are A Global Problem.

There are about 350 recognized open dump sites globally. They receive roughly 40% of the world’s waste, and they serve about 3.5 – 4 billion people. That’s half of the world’s population many of whom become at least indirectly affected because of the emissions of harmful airborne gases and bacteria, and poisons, which leech into any nearby water, to name only a few of the hazards.

The 50 biggest dump sites directly affect the daily lives of 64 million people, a population the size of France.

There have been and still are international calls for solutions to solve this escalating global health emergency. Green Fire is the solution.

Green Fire Engineered Reclamation is a passionate multi-disciplinary organization specializing in methods engineered to carefully remove our escalating dump site contents and redirect what has been only waste into newly purposed and useful materials and energy.

What we do is process the waste through the “application of heat.”

The Green Fire patented technology

  • has been in development for several years
  • at a cost of several million dollars and
  • now ready for production,
  • is an efficient electrochemical system powered by electricity
  • that produces an intense field of radiant plasma energy,
  • that causes the breaking apart of the molecular bonds of solid, liquid and gaseous compounds of materials both hazardous and non-hazardous.

The Greenfire Reactor

Brief Greenfire Technology Description of the Earth Reactor

The Earth Reactor is an electrochemical system powered by electricity that produces an intense field of radiant energy (plasma) that causes the dissociation (breaking apart) of the molecular bonds of solid, liquid and gaseous compounds or materials of both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes (feedstock) organic and inorganic. Within the Earth Reactor, the molecules of the waste material are separated into their elemental components (atoms), and, then, reformed into recoverable non-hazardous commodity products ready for commercial use.

The Earth Reactor process is not a burning or process, and it should not be confused with an incinerator.

Multiple Waste Processing Capabilities

The multi patented gasification and plasma technologies are capable of processing a wide variety of input feedstocks; these wastes can be processed individually or in combination.

GreenFire Systems provide a disposal solution for the following types of waste:

  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Food Wastes
  • Biomass and Agricultural Wastes
  • Animal Wastes
  • Medical Wastes, Hospital & Hazardous Wastes
  • Sewage and Industrial Process Sludges
  • Industrial Solid Wastes
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Wood Wastes
  • Automobile Shredder Residues
  • Tires & Plastics
  • Grease
  • Liquid Waste: Spent Oils, Solvents, Paints, Paint Thinners

General Operations

Stage one:

  • The best and cleanest plastics from the landfill are bought from the Pickers
  • plastic is then extruded into 3D print filament onto one kilo spools
  • 3D print mini factory is started

Stage two:

  • Waste materials pass through a closed chamber at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit which
  • transforms the organic (carbon-based) materials into a clean, synthetic gas,
  • which is then converted into transportation fuels such as ethanol and diesel, or
  • industrial products like hydrogen and methanol.
  • The syngas can also be used as a substitute for natural gas for heating and/or electricity generation.

The recovered materials:

Precious and rare earth metals are stored in safe keeping facilities. These assets are leveraged to the benefit of the various landfill projects.

Carbon, the most abundant waste our process has. Using the “application of heat”, we can take the “plastic”filament and process it into carbon fiber filament to be used in high strength 3D print Manufacturing.

Reusable material, carbon, and plastics are used with right technologies that include

  • 3D Printing for fabrication of some of the items needed on the site, and
  • creating a local manufacturing business for improving the local community commerce, such as
  • providing 3D printed pre-fab housing materials to create low-cost village housing, initially for those who work at the site, and
  • for others in the local area as well.
  • These villages are provided electricity, fuels and clean water as well as training and communication systems directly as a result of the Green Fire output operations and
  • they will be economically and environmentally safe

Green Fire provides the education and training, to local qualified people and professionals so that the equipment is operated by the local population being benefited.

It is our mission to reduce existing dumps and landfill volume and mitigate the flow of waste to the dump or landfill.

As a direct response to the GreenFire operation, we enhance the living standards for the dump site and start to minimize the effects on the Landfill Pickers, the people that live on the site as well the people in the surrounding communities.

The GreenFire Engineered Reclamation Solution is a Landfill Mining Solutions are high tech extremely efficient solution to the landfill waste problem.

Our current system processes 50 tons per day. It is scalable to 500 tons per day.

The details of these operations will be provided.