GreenFire Engineered Reclamation

Green Fire Engineered Reclamation offers the modern world a proven solution to three of its most perplexing challenges: finding new sources of clean fuels for transportation and electricity, disposing of the millions of tons of waste produced each day in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner and reclaiming valuable and limited resources. Green Fire is the world leader in advanced systems for waste reclamation. Our patented plasma gasification technology can transform virtually any waste — municipal, industrial, medical, and hazardous waste — into clean energy products for transportation fuels, electricity generation and industrial products. With no combustion or incineration, the Green Fire System is proven, environmentally beneficial, efficient, cost-effective, and a brighter path to a sustainable future.

When Green Fire Arrives

The green fire system is modular.

The Green Fire Operation

When Green Fire moves on location, by default, we bring energy, waste, water, food, wellness, manufacturing and vocational training programs for the benefit of any community. Additional technologies for new construction and remodeling of existing facilities are also included.

The Green Fire System is a fully integrated factory based modular system for easy project setup and allows for integrating additional modular units to expand the overall system. Each system is capable of processing through puts of 50 tons per 24-hour day or more, dependent on the feedstock.

Each project requires installation of appropriate feedstock handling and conditioning equipment to match the project and system requirements. Larger capacity plants utilize a number of Green Fire reactors with central feed and discharge.

In support of the Green Fire System we bring complete 3D printing manufacturing business with us on site. We will “Print” any parts or components to necessary complete the feedstock processing and delivery system. The detoxified and sterile byproduct from the process, the material not marketable, will be used as the part of the printing material for the manufacturing.

After the Green Fire system is in full operation, the Green Fire 3D Manufacturing Company (Green Fire 3D) will offer ownership of this Company to those that are qualified. Green Fire will remain a minority owner and provide support when required.

The Green Fire Community

With the ever increasing threat from landfill storage, transportation and waste, it is incumbent upon every community to pursue solutions that secure the means to abundantly sustain all the members of their community.

Green Fire works with the local engineers and professionals from the community to help better their existing living systems. Our operation always includes community out reach. We are a community centric business. All of our technology implementation applications are built on the idea that no technology should be utilized if it cannot optimize the community in 3 to 5 years. Therefore, we strive to achieve a maximum positive community optimization in 3 years on every project, and will keep working to adjust the systems to absolutely achieve in 5 years.

As our operation reaches normal operations and our system usage becomes consistent, the system begins to produce an excess of electricity and fuels. It is more than the system uses.

The Green Fire Community Action Plan

Green Fire, by default creates resources, electricity, fuel and by-products.

Green Fire provides the manufacturing facility, the materials, the training, the designs and systems to effectively implement all of these resources.

Green Fire Community Systems

Green Fires Village technology uses only our purified safe materials. They are weather resistant, non-corrosive, 100% non-toxic, fire resistant, and produce no emissions and last a very long time.

These rugged structures are made of fiber reinforced polymer modular components which are durable, flexible and waterproof. With endless design possibilities, these structures can be assembled quickly and easily, with minimal cost to create a safe and clean living environment in harmony with nature.

Green Fire 3D will provide manufacturing support to the Green Fire facilities as a first priority. Thereafter, Green Fire will proved the training, to qualified individuals, in processes of making the printing material using Green Fire by-product and the designs to “Print” manufacture low cost housing for the local community.

These designs will include decentralized power generation using Green Fire Syngas. This electricity will feed a microgrid of power distribution that includes the excess electricity generated from the Green Fire operations.

Not only will Green Fire engage the local engineers and professionals but all labor necessary to operate the Green Fire system and prepare the feedstock will be local labor.

We are designing a standardized model to be replicated in any community in the world. The best place to generate and utilize or consume “products” is locally.

Green Fire and our strategic partners have technologies that can ensure that new communities can be built on micro grids, and that existing communities can become much more efficient by implementing the appropriate solutions.

Green Fire acts as a technology foundation for creating sustainable communities.

Green Fire represents solutions that will allow communities to become self-sufficient. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” concept. Our technologies work best for the community served, when based completely on the localized needs of that specific community.