Congratulations, dear reader! You are giving your attention to the prevailing topic of the times and the subject of this book: an ailing monetary system with all its devastating implications, those already visible and those that are still to come. The creeping and ongoing dispossession by devaluing money for the benefit of debtors affects everyone. It is an insidious, perfidious and highly antisocial process that spares no one, is socially reprehensible in the highest degree and, in the long term, always leads to disaster. It is hardly surprising that top-ranking financiers and politicians fear gold as much as the devil fears holy water. Returning to a gold standard would mean the end of their power and the end of the dollar. It would mean the end of systematic deception, tampering with balance sheets and concealed fraud. Gold is absolutely honest. This book will lastingly motivate you to think independently. Have courage!