GreenFire is happy to announce its choice for project crowdfunding,
Next Level Africa – NLA
The crowdfunding platform for the future.

Welcome To The Most Unique Crowd Funding Platform On The Internet For Humanitarian Projects Only

“Crowd Funding is the best way to get funds for your project, and also earn and receive the best products available from Nextlevelafrica while doing so. Start your project today and watch it explode! You may simply support other crowd funding projects by piggy backing on a project program available to all members.”

Nextlevelafrica (NLA) is unique, in that it is the only “bank” backed, “cash” backed cryptocurrency in the world. This currency is backed by 76 SWIFT enabled banks.

Today an account with NLA is FREE (see below for link). Get your account NOW. Since this is a CROWDFUNDING platform on which you may list your project for funding. The minimum funding for a HUMANITARIAN project is $100 million. GreenFire and the Children of the Landfill require over that amount and so is a premiere project on NLA.

That said, all humanitarian projects will be funded. If your project is not that large, NLA will bundle projects together to meet that criteria or you may “Piggyback” on the GreenFire project and receive associated benefits.

I was introduced to the owner of NLA, Noel Adams, several years ago, he and I became friends through many hours of conversation.. I have watched him deal with the struggles and the starts and stops that come with massive global software development, I have done a little of this myself. Regardless, it is my great pleasure to know this man and be part of the success of NLA.

Noel was the first to recognize the far reaching benefits of GreenFire and immediately donated the best of NLA services to the GreenFire and Children of the Landfill projects. My great thanks.

To Get Your Crowdfunding Platform is $15 Per-Year. You keep 100% of the money you raise. Once you signup for free, you can login to your back office to upgrade to the Project Platform. (Coming in the next few days)

Once completed, you have access to your crowdfunding page where you can choose an already existing project (cost: $5) or, create your own project. You have complete control of the crowdfunding webpage so you can get with your "web guy" to create the look and feel you want for your project. On your webpage, you can choose any method of payment for donations and contributions.

There are three ways to fund your project.

1). Drive traffic to your affiliate website where they can see your project from there and donate.

2). Basically the same. Drive traffic to your affiliate website where they can see information (as well as your project), about how they can have their own Crowdfunding Platform.

3) Once you purchase your own Platform, this places people in your Crowdfunding organization and as they upgrade to other packages, you make money which can be used for your project or personal use.

In other words YOU help fund your project by helping others fund theirs through the invitation process.

A peek at the possibilities

A Hypothetical Exercise demonstrating the power of the NLA Program we all now have in our hands.

Just to give you a little something to think of and why we know there are no other programs that come close to NLA.

Let’s say that in the last 24 hours or so we have 100 signups.

So just giving you some strictly ball park figures that we have understated for this exercise.

    • 100 signups at $15 per position, not allowing for any piggy backs.

    • That would be 1500 coins into the community.
      Or $30,000 for a cost of $1500.

    • If 10% of that were reinvested into NLA for spiffing new positions, gifting etc.
      That would be 3000 coins to the community or $60,000 on today’s coin price.

    • When that happens again, it will be 6000 coins into the community or $120,000.

    • Total of $210,000 into the community from a $1500 injection.

That is why we will have people scrambling for a position in NLA in the coming weeks.

The message here is simple, if you want positions for yourself, family or friends, DO IT NOW!!!!!! IS the Team Link!

The project listing and piggybacking will be available in the next few days, DO IT NOW!

Mike Prettyman
CIO, GreenFire Engineered Reclamation
Skype: mike.prettyman

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