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Can Basic Income Plus The Blockchain Build A New Economic System?

There has never been a better opportunity to create a new system of money based on universal basic income and since these currencies can be designed with today’s existential challenges in mind, we can do things like strongly incentivize local trading and disincentivize exploitation of distant workers and ecosystems.

Where Mismanaged Plastic Waste is Generated and Possible Paths of Change

The solution to this epidemic will likely come from a combination of reduction targets (particularly with packaging and single-use plastics), innovation in materials science and significant investments in waste management infrastructures, with more interception points for ocean-bound plastic.

10 interesting facts about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Every piece of plastic that has ever been produced is still in existence today. A plastic toy you played with when you were a child is still out there somewhere – perhaps it now exists in a million tiny pieces, but the plastic is still plastic, and it’s not going away any time soon.

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