Los niños del vertedero

GreenFire Engineered Reclamation

The greatest global problem on earth is our ever growing WASTE of everything.
Transported by polluted rivers to the ocean or Stored in OPEN LANDFILLS

The greatest global problem on earth!

Why Am I Doing This

It’s for humanity, to save the world, to clean up the landfills, to mine the landfills, generate free electricity, clean water, clean rivers, clean the ocean, right? NO, none of these nor the many other you might think. Not money either.

I’m doing this for myself.

Burned out and retired, I needed a project.

I met a guy that had a gold mine and an amazing technology.

He wanted to use this in the refining of the gold ore. It is much more efficient and non-polluting than traditional processes.

I wanted to use it to mine the landfills for the wealth that is thrown away.

I was studying the science and art of the world’s open dumps looking for that wealth when I discovered what might be described as “hell”. I discovered people permanently living, dying and surviving on these dumps.

A closer look showed the demographics to be about 50% children, 40% women, the rest men. These people are represented by global organizations and labeled “Landfill Pickers”.

As a practicing entrepreneur, I looked for the opportunity.

There is commercial opportunity in the Landfill Mining. The greater opportunity is the humanitarian one.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Current Reality
Dumpsites are a global problem. They receive roughly 40% of the world’s waste and they serve and effect about 3.5 to 4 billion people, half of the world’s population.
Chapter 2. Something Must Be Done
The 50 biggest dumpsites affect the daily lives of 64 million people, a population the size of France. As urbanization and population growth will continue, it is expected that at least several hundreds of millions more people will be served by dumpsites, mainly in the developing world.
Chapter 3. The GreenFire Village
The engineers and designers of the GreenFire Engineered Reclamation company have invented a transformative process for a very efficient safe and non-toxic way to reclaim 99% of the raw materials from landfill waste.
Chapter 4. The Pickers Build A Village
The obvious mission here is providing the opportunity of employment, entrepreneurship and self-respect for the Pickers. With a little training and guidance these people will excel. Remember one important fact; entrepreneurship with the Pickers is survival immediately and escape ultimately.
Chapter 5. Village Commerce and Trade
Each village factory is a 3D print manufacturing node on the GreenFire network of other factories on other landfills. All factories can communicate directly with other factories as needed.
Chapter 6. An Economic Plan For Children of the Landfill
The Landfill Economy is introduced here for the first time. It is an approach to providing an actual solution to the ignored and invisible global situation of the global open dumps and the humanitarian crisis that exists with each of them.
Chapter 7 Proposed structure for a fair trade standard for recycled filament.
Fair trade filament has the potential to benefit some of the world’s most disadvantaged – the millions of people, predominantly in developing countries, whose livelihood and income come from picking waste on dumps through the possibility of some income stability, access to the plastic value chain and further job creation without a large startup cost or difficult job training.
Chapter 8. The worst most dangerous, most polluting, most threatening condition on earth.
There are millions of waste pickers and “Children of the landfill”. Some families of the landfill are generations deep. The children have no birth certificate, no official identification therefore no entry into “normal” society, no education and no medical care. What are we doing
Chapter 9. Opportunity and the Landfill Harmonic
Here is proof of how these Children react to opportunity when offered. It is evident that these Children understand that their hard work, dedication, commitment, and perseverance will pay off.
Children of the Landfill Project
Pre-ICO Funding To Be Announced
Project website:
https://childrenofthelandfill.com/ Table Of Contents

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